For our new bedroom I was desperately searching for new bedsheets that would fit in perfect with our the just finished attic master bedroom.

The hardest part is finding bedlinnen in the right width, 180cm is standard (and I needed 220cm).

IMG_1950  IMG_1956

Dress for wedding

August 2012 my cousin got married to his lovely (now) wife. The wedding was held in the lovely surroundings of Swindon. When we got their invitation, I went from store to store to find the perfect dress to wear. Mind you their colors where white and red. Red is not my color, the only dresses I could find were way too expensive to wear just for one day. So, why not DIY? Brilliant!

I sketched up the dress I wanted to make and went to my favorite fabric store nearby and scrolled through the piles of fabric untill i found these perfect matching whites and pastels.

dresssketch dressfabrics

Hello world!

Welcome to!

This is my personal blog with all my projects, just because I love DIY! Sewing, stitching, crochetting, drawing, painting, sculpting, I love making things.

Hope you enjoy it!